We only want the very best for our residents. It was an easy choice when it came to heating the home. We had to have Radiant Floor Heat! This in-floor heating has proven to have many health benefits. In addition, each room will be equipped with its own individually controlled thermostat.
This Home offers:
Open Kitchen that is open to all residents 24 hours a day, and can be utilized by residents for grabbing a snack or a glass of milk.
Outdoor Living Area ( tons of space that includes Fireplace, Gardening Area, Walking Path, Beautiful Landscaping as well as ton of sitting space). Allowing the residents to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and controlled enviroment. 
1 or 2 Bedroom Suite (nice bedroom to sleep as well as soft paint details and nice natural light). Our hope is that the bedrooms are truely just for sleeping, we want the residents to spend more time interacting with others in the commons areas.
Bathroom ( every resident will have their own toilet and shower as well as a heat lamp to keep your bathroom warm).
Family Room/Living Room/Sun Room three rooms to enjoy friends, family as well as watch TV, play board games and to socialize.
Spa Room ( area where residents can enjoy a nice realxing Bath in the spa) Spa is included and can be enjoyed anytime as well as watching a show or movie while you are in the spa.
Salon (get hair styled/cut or your beard trimmed up in the comfort of your own home)As well as getting your nails done.

We want for our residents to truely choose ever moment of their lives. To be able to receive the best care and have the freedom they deserve. We want to share our Dreams with you!

We want to organize our activites to bring out those old hobbies that were once a part of everyday life to enrich our residents futures. This independence will help bring back those memories that were once reality, to build a strong platform to increase their quality of life.

  1. All Smiles at Home of the Flint Hills
    All Smiles at Home of the Flint Hills
  2. Family
  3. Social Events
    Social Events
  4. BINGO
  5. Eating Together
    Eating Together
  6. Morning chair Yoga
    Morning chair Yoga
  1. Safe Room Installation
    Safe Room Installation
Home of the Flint Hills is equipped with a safe room to protect our residents in the event of any dangerous weather.