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Assisted Living in St. George, KS

Choosing an assisted living community for your loved one is about more than finding good care and a comfortable setting. It is about finding a place they can confidently call home. Founded in early 2018, Home of the Flint Hills provides seniors with a safe, secure setting where they can build new relationships and receive top-notch care, while preserving their sense of self and individuality.

Our facility is located in St. George, KS, and welcomes residents from across the state. We are family-owned and faith-based, and use each day to honor Jesus Christ. It is our goal to stand out from other senior living communities by holding each resident’s personal needs and unique interests with integrity, honor, and dignity. This person-centered, flexible approach, helps us best suit the needs of every resident in our care.

Ensuring Your Loved One’s Safety

We have outfitted our facility with 24-Hour Security and an Emergency Call System. In addition, we provide 24 Hour Care by Certified Personnel and professionals. No matter what your loved one needs, we are here for them, day or night.

In the event of any dangerous weather, Home of the Flint Hills is equipped with a safe room to protect our residents.

Our Fee Structure

At Home of the Flint Hills, we proudly offer an all-inclusive rate. The last thing you need is to face additional fees for each and every service. Our fee structure is based solely on whether the resident has a private single room or two room suite.

We our residents to truly choose every moment of their lives. To be able to receive the best care and have the freedom they deserve. We want to share our Dreams with you!

Building Community

Here at Home of the Flint Hills, we believe in enriching our residents’ future by organizing activities which foster their interests and encourage their hobbies. It is our goal to help those in our care build worthwhile relationships and bring back memories which were once reality, helping to build a strong platform to increase their quality of life.

We want to organize our activities to bring out those old hobbies that were once a part of everyday life to enrich our residents’ futures. This independence will help bring back those memories that were once reality, to build a strong platform to increase their quality of life.

Activities we host include:

● Social Events
● Family Nights
● Communal Meals
● Adult Daycare
● Morning Chair Yoga

● Morning Chair Yoga
● Pizza Days
● Arts & Crafts Activities
 …and much more!


One or Two Bedroom Suites

Each of our suites is designed with soft paint details and offer nice natural light. You will have your own private bathroom with a toilet, shower, as well as a heat lamp to keep your bathroom warm. Because we want only the best for our residents, each room is outfitted with Radiant Floor Heat, which is proven to have many health benefits. In addition, each room is equipped with its own individually controlled thermostat to ensure your comfort.

Open Kitchen

Our kitchen is open to all residents 24 hours a day and can be utilized by residents for grabbing a snack or glass of milk. Residents who are interested and still able to cook are encouraged to use the kitchen to make sweet treats or meals!

Dietician Approved Dining

To ensure our residents maintain a healthy diet, we provide home-cooked meals and snacks! We also provide opportunities for residents to help us prepare meals such as pizza days where everyone creates their own personal pan pizza.

Outdoor Living Area

Our facility has tons of outdoor space for recreation, walking, and enjoying spring, summer, and fall days. Our beautifully landscaped campus has a fireplace, gardening area, walking path and more. We want you and your loved ones to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and controlled environment.

Family Room/Living Room/Sun Room

This group of three rooms allows residents to enjoy time with friends and family, as well as watch TV, play board games, and socialize. We offer wireless internet and basic cable to all residents.

Spa Room

Our spa room, available to all residents, features a premier spa tub and allows residents to enjoy a nice relaxing bath while watching a show or movie.

Housekeeping & Individual Laundry Services

We maintain a neat and clean environment for our residents and visitors by providing in-house housekeeping and individual laundry services. We want you to enjoy life and not be stuck doing chores each week!

Personalized Health Care & Therapy Services

Our in-house healthcare team will work with you or your loved one to make sure your healthcare needs are addressed. We offer a number of services including coordination of home health care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. In addition, we offer assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) including bathing, toileting, medication, dressing, oral hygiene, walking, and so on.

Additional Services

For your convenience we provide additional services that can be paid as you go. Optional services include:


On-Site Beauty Salon & Barbershop

Need your beard trimmed? Want to have your hair cut and styled and your nails done? Visit our on-site beauty salon and barbershop!


Transportation Services to Appointments

If you have outside appointments, we will work with you to arrange transportation to the dentist, doctor, or wherever else you need to be.

To schedule a tour of our home, please contact us today at 785-494-2600!  We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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