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adult daycare

adult daycare

Founded in early 2018, Home of the Flint Hills is a senior living home in St. George, KS. Our team provides residents with compassionate, personalized assisted living services. It is our goal to provide each individual in our care with the services they need, while helping them maintain their independence and foster their hobbies and interests.

 As part of our commitment to providing the best care for seniors in our area, we are now offering adult daycare services. Our services cater to individuals with varying levels of medical and personal needs. It includes supervision, social activities, meals, and various medical services.

Improving Quality of Life

Caring for an elderly loved one can be a challenge, and bringing them to adult daycare can grant you the time you need to decompress, run errands, and have time to yourself. In addition, having your loved one attend our programs has many benefits for their quality of life and wellbeing. This includes:

● Building new relationships & nurturing existing friendships: We’re social creatures, so it’s important to meet and interact with new people! Our activities are designed to nurture your loved ones social needs and stave off loneliness that accompanies sitting at home alone.

● Home-cooked, balanced meals: All of our meals are dietician-approved to make sure our residents and daycare attendees receive balanced, delicious meals.

● A safe, stimulating, & welcoming environment: What sets our facility apart is it is designed to look and feel like a home. Each room is comfortable and inviting. Individuals in our care are encouraged to remain independent and foster new interests. At Home of the Flint Hills, building community and a sense of family is an essential part of who we are.

● We are in tune to their needs: Our facility was created to give seniors a new model of assisted living, and the same core tenants applies to our daycare services. We have successfully combined a feeling of living at home, while providing services that improve their health and help them remain comfortable in their later years. When your loved one joins our program, our staff and Certified Nursing Assistants truly get to know them, their strengths, and limitations.

Have questions? Ready to schedule a tour? Contact us today at 785-494-2600 to learn more about our adult daycare services, residential suites, and ongoing programs. We look forward to caring for your loved one!

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